10 Best Trading Tips to Double Your Investment Return

As like many, we just finish up Markus Heitkoetter’s book – The Complete guide to day treading, and found it to be extremely resourceful for trading beginners. The book is loaded with tons of great, result oriented investment tips which were highlighted to direct stock traders to a more profitable business world. The book is authored with simplicity, so that it can be easily understandable by investors. Here are ten best trading tips from the book we want to share with the readers, which we think will be great for the practical uses of stock trading armatures.

Complete Guide to Day Trading


  • As an investor, always be prepared to take some losses. Maintain a backup plan for utilization which may you are going to use during small loses.
  • Demotivation is the prime reason of failure for a stock trader. Be persistence with your trading goal and stick to it while investing.
  • Time and effort both are valuable lessons for a stock trader to learn. Learn stock trading with time to become successful at it.
  • Avoid volatile types of investment, such as foreign stocks, options and futures from starting.
  • Concentrate on high quality stocks, rather than owing a large amount of stocks from different verticals.
  • As a stock trading expert, don’t get emotionally involved with your stocks. Always follow your set of buying and selling rule.
  • Pivot point is the most optimal buying point of any stock.
  • In between 18th to 22nd of every month, cash flows into the market tend to be at their low ebb, and it’s the best time to buy stocks.
  • As a best trading strategy, never place your market orders before the opening of a trading day.
  • Before entering a buy or sell order, use a real time quote system to check the “Bid Size” and “Ask Size” for any exchange listed stock.


A Powerful Day Trading Strategy


Well, this is ten we want to share with readers. But, believe us; “The Complete guide to day treading” has countless number of exciting trading tips to offer its reader to best learn expert stock trading. You can get the e-book just by clicking here, and it’s completely free of cost. For more day trading strategies and online day trading courses, contact us at Rockwell Trading today.


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